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Prescription for Fitness


     Daily physical activity is necessary for building strong bones and muscles, as well as strengthening the heart and lungs. Since many children play with others, exercise time can also help them develop social skills such as sharing, communication and healthy competition. Exercise not only helps improve quality of life but also helps children develop a healthy self-image and positive self-esteem as they take pride in their physical accomplishments, while at the same time decreasing the risk of elevated cholesterol, orthopedic conditions, liver disease, sleep apnea, heart disease or diabetes.

     Prescription for Fitness is a free exercise and nutrition class held weekly for six weeks.  You and your child will learn exercises that are safe and preparation of healthy foods designed to maintain an ‘ideal’ weight.  Led by a fitness provider and a nutritionist, these classes are both fun and educational (classes will begin Fall 2019).

     Through movement and games, your child will learn how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With healthy snacks, recipes and information about the foods we eat, your child will also learn healthier eating habits. Our program is built to follow your child’s progress in these areas from beginning to end. Our certified fitness coach, nutritionist, and nursing assistant all work together to make this program a quality experience for everyone. Prescription for Fitness participants should be between the ages of 6 and 14, and families are encouraged to attend as well!

     And remember, play time can become a family experience which serves to bond family members together and allow parents an opportunity to model healthy exercise habits for children. The exhilaration that comes with running, laughing and playing can boost everyone's mood. This leads to one of the most important reasons kids should enjoy Prescription For Fitness: It's fun! Children need plenty of exercise to keep their body, mind, heart and spirit healthy and happy.

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